The Board of Directors believes that Conducting business by continually adhering to the principles of good corporate governance and code of conduct will be an important engine and driving force that will lead to sustainable growth, support the competitive potential both in short and long term and effective management, also can build confidence to investors, business partner, and all stakeholders.

The Board of Directors determines policies, management mechanisms and governance systems based on good corporate governance and code of conduct which adheres to the correctness, legitimate, ethical, and transparent. Responsible to all stakeholders and social. The Board of Directors has reviewed and revised the principles of good corporate governance and code of conduct to be up to date.

All employees, as a part to drive our business forward, are the most important gadget in establishing our long-run sustainable growth. Performing our duty, we encourage all employees to comply to the Code of Conduct in this handbook, which is the guidance for all employees. All of directors and executives are required to act as a role model.

Finally, we believe in everyone's responsibility and sincerely hope that all directors, executives and employees will cooperate and strive to study and comply with this handbook seriously. To lead the organization to achieve the goal of creating stability and sustainable growth.

Code of Conduct Full Version